[Opt-net] Compact Course and Workshop "Model Based Design of Experiments"

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Compact Course and Workshop "Model Based Design of Experiments"

Organized by Heidelberg Graduate School of
Mathematical and Computational Methods for the Sciences
(HGS MathComp)

Date:  February 8-12, 2010, 9 am - 4 pm
Place: Interdisciplinary Center for Scientific Computing (IWR),
        Im Neuenheimer Feld 368, 69120 Heidelberg, Room 432

*** Summary ***

Complex processes are described by nonlinear differential equation
systems. Only validated models allow realistic process simulations
and the potential of process optimizations.

This course deals with concepts, methods and software for model
validation, especially sensitivity analysis, parameter estimation,
optimum experimental design and model discrimination.

The course consists of lectures, tutorials and practicals including
an introduction to PARFIT and VPLAN. It will be concluded by
scientific presentations from local and external researchers.

*** Contents ***

* Modelling
* Parameter Estimation
* Linear Experimental Design
* Nonlinear Experimental Design
* Computational Methods
* Applications
* Scientific Workshop

*** Target Audience ***

Students and scientists who work with processes, models, data and
experiments from the fields of Mathematics, Natural, Life and
Engineering Sciences. Basic knowledge on numerical mathematics and
differential equations is useful but not mandatory.

*** Organizers and Lecturers ***

* Dr. Thomas Carraro, Inst. for Appl. Math., Heidelberg University
* Dr. Stefan Koerkel, HGS MathComp, Heidelberg University

*** Contact and Further Information ***


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