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Table of Contents
Optimization Methods and Software (OMS),
Volume 26, Number 1 (February, 2011)

Shaohua Pan and Jein-Shan Chen
A least-square semismooth Newton method for the second-order cone
complementarity problem

Didier Henrion and Jerome Malick
Projection methods for conic feasibility problems,
applications to polynomial sum-of-squares decompositions

Richard H. Byrd and Richard A. Waltz
An active-set algorithm for nonlinear programming using
parametric linear programming

V. Guigues
A stabilized model and an efficient solution method for the yearly
optimal power management

Zhaosong Lu
Robust portfolio selection based on a joint
ellipsoidal uncertainty set

H. Martin Bucker, Johannes Willkomm, Sven Gross and Oliver Fortmeier
Discrete and continuous adjoint approaches to estimate
boundary heat fluxes in falling films

Nils Langenberg
Convergence analysis of an extended auxiliary problem principle
with various stopping criteria

Yaodong Cui and Zhiyong Liu
C-Sets-based sequential heuristic procedure for the one-dimensional
cutting stock problem with pattern reduction

Volume 26, Number 2 (April, 2011)

Arnd Rösch, Daniel Wachsmuth
Semi-smooth Newton method for an optimal control problem
with control and mixed control-state constraints

Zhe Sun and Jinping Zeng
A damped semismooth Newton method for mixed linear
complementarity problems

J.L. Redondo, B. Pelegrin, P. Fernandez, I. Garcia1
and P.M. Ortigosa
Finding multiple global optima for unconstrained discrete
location problems

A.P. French, B. Nygreen and J.M. Wilson
An LP-based metaheuristic procedure for the
k-sequential generalized assignment problem

Christian Kirches, Hans Georg Bock, Johannes P. Schlöder
and Sebastian Sager
Block structured quadratic programming for the direct
multiple shooting method for optimal control

Ralph Kearfott
Interval computations, rigor and non-rigor in deterministic
continuous global optimization

Yongkai Liu, Defu Zhang and Francis Y.L. Chin
A clique-based algorithm for constructing feasible timetables

F. Guerriero and L. Di Puglia Pugliese
Multi-dimensional labelling approaches to solve the linear
fractional elementary shortest path problem with time windows

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