[Opt-net] New versions of SCIP, SoPlex, and ZIMPL released

Timo Berthold berthold at zib.de
Tue Nov 8 11:25:14 MET 2011

Dear all,

we are pleased to announce that version 2.1.0 of the ZIB Optimization
Suite has been released.

The ZIB Optimization Suite is a tool for generating and solving mixed
integer linear and nonlinear programs as well as more general constraint
integer programs.

It comprises the new versions SCIP 2.1.0, Soplex 1.6.0, and ZIMPL 3.2.0.
The new release provides many new features, including major extensions for
nonlinear CIP, improved branch-and-price support, and many performance
improvements and bug fixes.
It can be obtained via http://zibopt.zib.de. For detailed information and
documentation visit the project web sites

Best regards,
the SCIP, SoPlex, and ZIMPL team

Release notes of the individual software packages:

SCIP 2.1.0: http://scip.zib.de/doc/html/RELEASENOTES.html
Soplex 1.6.0: http://soplex.zib.de/notes-160.txt
ZIMPL 3.2.0: http://zimpl.zib.de/download/CHANGELOG.txt

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