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The Department of Informatics at the University of Bergen, Norway, has a 
vacancy for a professor in optimization.

For details on how to apply, please visit 

The Department of Informatics was established in 1984 and is located in 
the High Technology Centre in Bergen, Norway. The goal of the Department 
is to provide education and conduct research in informatics on a high 
international level. The Department has 22 permanent faculty members, 4 
adjunct professors, and an administrative staff of 7. It also has 10 
post-docs, 6 researchers and 40 PhD-students, the majority financed by 
external sources. The Department offers education at the Bachelor, 
Master, and Doctorate level. The Department has 6 research groups: 
algorithms, bioinformatics, optimization, programming theory, secure 
communication and visualization.

The research and teaching in the optimization group covers linear, 
discrete and continuous optimization. The aim of the group is to be a 
major international contributor of theory and methodology in these 
disciplines, and to educate new experts in the field through our master 
and PhD programs. Many of the research activities in the group are 
motivated by industrial applications, and external collaboration is an 
important component of the work. Including the vacant position, the 
optimization group consists of two professors, one associate professor, 
one postdoc, and two PhD students.

The successful candidate has a documented experience in industrial 
applications of optimization and a broad knowledge of optimization 
methods in general. He/she is an international expert either in linear, 
combinatorial or continuous optimization, and has a strong publication 
and citation record in international journals.

The successful candidate can also document success in attracting 
research funding from science foundations and industrial collaborators, 
and is experienced in research project work involving supervision of PhD 
students and project management.

The department is also recruiting new faculty within the fields of 
bioinformatics and visualization. The best qualified applicant will be 
evaluated relative to the best candidates from the other two subject 
areas. The department will then extend an offer to the overall best 
applicant. In the case of exceptionally good candidates, more than one 
offer may be considered.

The teaching language will normally be Norwegian. The successful 
applicant must be able to teach in Norwegian or one of the other 
Scandinavian languages within two years of his/her appointment.

Basic teaching training is also a requirement, but the successful 
applicant who does not have such competence at the time of his/her 
appointment will be offered training and will be required to produce 
evidence of such training within one year of the date of appointment. 
This deadline is extended to two years for the successful applicant who 
does not master a Scandinavian language at the time of appointment.

Reference is made to the University's General Regulations which state 
that as port of the normal duties of the position, the successful 
applicant may also be required to undertake teaching, supervision and 
work in connection with examinations in his or her particular field 
outside the organisational unit to which the appointment belongs.

The former Senate emphasised that teaching qualifications are to be 
given real weight in appointments to middle and top academic positions. 
Applicants must produce evidence of their own teaching qualifications. 
This can be done by submitting, for instance:

    * evidence of completed teaching training
    * evaluation reports of the applicant's teaching
    * overview over scope and level of teaching
    * overview over supervision of post-graduate and doctoral
      candidates, and results obtained
    * student awards received
    * own teaching publications
    * own teaching compendia and material
    * reports showing participation in projects related to the
      development of teaching, such as alternative forms of teaching,
      supervision or teaching environments.

If there are applicants of both sexes with approximately equivalent 
qualifications, the female applicant shall be ranked before the male 
pursuant to the rules on equal opportunities.

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