[Opt-Net] CfP --- 3rd International Conference on Dynamics, Games and Science --- Porto, 2014

Gerhard-Wilhelm Weber gweber at metu.edu.tr
Sat Dec 28 14:16:29 CET 2013

3rd International Conference on Dynamics, Games and Science

Date: 17-21 February, 2014
Venue: University of Porto (Portugal)


Following the 1st and 2nd International Conference Dynamics, Games and  
Science - DGS I 2008 and DGS II 2013, we invite the Academic Community  
including MSc and PhD students and researchers to participate and to  
present their research work.

The 3rd International Conference Dynamics Games and Science 2014 - DGS  
III 2014 aims to bring together world top researchers and  
practitioners from the fields of Dynamical Systems, Game Theory and  
its applications to such areas as Biology, Economics and Social  

DGS III 2014 will feature prominent keynote speakers in the main room,  
with several thematic sessions running in parallel, which may deviate  
from the main theme. Please, if you would like to organize a thematic  
session contact:

DGSIII 2014 represents an opportunity for MSc and PhD students and  
researchers to meet other specialists in their fields of knowledge and  
to discuss and develop new frameworks and ideas to further improve  
knowledge and science.

Please, if you would like to participate or to organize register freely at:

The last edition took place in Lisbon of last year (August, 28 -  
September, 6, 2013), and counted with around 20 keynote speakers, and  
30 thematic sessions for a total of 130 thematic speakers:

The 3rd International Conference Dynamics Games and Science 2014 is  
supported by the International Mathematics Center CIM:

Furthermore, DGS III is a Mathematics of Planet Earth MPE event:

If you would like to present research you are working on, please apply at:

Keynote speakers:
o Albert Fisher (University of São Paulo, Brazil) *
o Alberto Pinto (University of Porto, Portugal)
o Athanassios Yannacopoulos (Athens University of Economics and  
Business, Greece)
o Bruno Oliveira (INESC TEC, Portugal)
o Carlos Aragão (UFRJ, Brazil)
o Carlos Braumann (University of Evora, Portugal)
o David Rand (University of Warwick, UK)
o David Zilberman (University of California, USA)
o Diogo Pinheiro (Brooklyn College, USA)
o Elvio Accinelli (UASLP, Mexico)
o Filipe Martins (INESC TEC, Portugal)
o Frank Riedel (Bielefeld University, Germany)
o érôme Renault (Université de Toulouse, France)
o João Gama (University of Porto, Portugal)
o João Paulo Almeida (INESC TEC, Portugal)
o José Martins (INESC TEC, Portugal)
o Mohamad Choubdar (University of Porto, Portugal)
o Nico Stollenwerk (University of Lisbon, Portugal)
o Nigel Borroughs (University of Warick, UK) *
o Onesimo Hernandez-Lerma (IPM, Mexico)
o Penelope Hernandez (University of Valencia, Spain)
o Rabah Amir (University of Arizona, USA)
o Renato Soeiro (University of Porto, Portugal)
o Ricardo Cruz (University of Porto, Portugal)
o Robert MacKay (University of Warwick, UK)
o Rolf Jeltsch (ETH Zurich, Switzerland)
o Saber Elaydi (Trinity University, USA)
o Sebastian van Strien (Imperial College London, UK)
o Tenreiro Machado (ISEP, Portugal)

* to be confirmed

Thank you. Hope to see you at DGSIII!

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