[Opt-Net] Postdoc position, PDE-constrained optimization for nuclear fusion, INRIA Sophia-Antipolis, France

Holger Heumann holger.heumann at inria.fr
Sun Feb 21 04:46:16 CET 2016

Applications are invited for a joint PostDoc position with the CASTOR project 

(INRIA Sophia-Antipolis) and Jean-Charles Gilbert (INRIA Paris). The position 

involves numerical methods for PDEs and optimization algorithms for applications in 

nuclear fusion science. The official announcement with details of the position and 

requirements can be found here: 


The CASTOR project gathers a team of experts in mathematical modeling and 

computational methods for plasmas in tokamaks. The main areas of interest are the 

simulation of complex fluid models for plasmas and computational methods for 

various control problems and inverse problems related to experimental fusion devices. 

The application deadline is April 1st 2016, and starting date is November 1st 2016. 


Holger Heumann 

Holger.Heumann at inria.fr 

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