[Scip] Error (-6)

Oscar Gustafsson oscarg at isy.liu.se
Wed Sep 26 11:30:43 MEST 2007


thank you very much for your prompt answer.

I was mainly playing around and as I'm impressed with SCIPs presolver I 
wanted to try it out. But you are correct, SCIP is maybe not required 

On Wed, 26 Sep 2007, Tobias Achterberg wrote:
> Btw: This problem is an LP anyway. Using a MIP solver like SCIP to solve it is somekind of
> overkill. You can directly solve it with SoPlex (or any other LP solver). I guess that the
> LP solver will tell you that the problem is unbounded.
Interestingly enough, SoPlex says some of the problems (I have several 
similar) are unbounded and some are not. GLPK solves them without any 
problems and both solvers get the same results when SoPlex manage to solve 
it. However, this is then really a SoPlex issue, so I'll move on in that 


Oscar Gustafsson

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