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Contents, Sultan Qaboos University Journal for Science (Special Issue), Volume 17(1)  2012 (M. Al-Baali and A. Purnama, Eds.) 
(To access online, click or copy and paste http://web.squ.edu.om/squjs/Archives/Volume17-part(1).htm )

Preface to SQU Journal for Science, Special Issue on Numerical Optimization, M. Al-Baali and A. Purnama (Eds.)

Numerical Experience with Damped Quasi-Newton Optimization Methods when the Objective Function is Quadratic, Mehiddin Al-Baali and Anton Purnama, 1

Global Search Strategies for Solving Multilinear Least-Squares Problems Mats Andersson, Oleg Burdakov, Hans Knutsson and Spartak Zikrin, 12

The Squared Slacks Transformation in Nonlinear Programming, Paul Armand and Dominique Orban, 22

A New Sparse Quasi-Newton Update Method, Minghou Cheng, Yu-Hong Dai and Rui Diao, 30

CG Versus MINRES: An Empirical Comparison, David Chin-lung Fong and Michael Saunders, 44

Preconditioning Large Indefinite Linear Systems, Giovanni Fasano and Massimo Roma, 63

A New Criterion for Optimality in Nonlinear Programming, L.M. Grana Drummond and A.N. Iusem, 80

Model Calibration in Option Pricing, Andre Loerx and Ekkehard W. Sachs, 84

A Superlinearly Convergent Penalty Method with Nonsmooth Line Search for Constrained Nonlinear Least Squares, Nezam Mahdavi-Amiri and Mohammad Reza Ansari, 103

Robust Resistance Network Topology Design by Conic Optimization, C. Roos, Y. Bai and D. Chaerani, 125

Solving the Flood Propagation Problem with Newton Algorithm on Parallel Systems, Chefi Triki, 147


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