[Opt-Net] CFP: 11th International Conference on Applied Mathematical Optimization and Modelling (APMOD 2014) - Heuristics & Metaheuristics Stream

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11th International Conference on Applied Mathematical Optimization and


APMOD 2014




Warwick, United Kingdom


9-11 April, 2014


Call for Short Abstracts and Student Papers for the

Heuristics & Metaheuristics Stream


Submission Deadline: 15 January 2014



We invite short abstracts and presentations on (meta)heuristics, either
theory or practice-oriented, preferably on real world applications. 


We are open to all contributions on heuristics and metaheuristics. We are
particularly interested in those that lead to some general insight or are
potentially relevant to more than one application area. We take a very broad
definition of metaheuristics, for example simulated annealing, tabu search,
but also evolutionary algorithms, multi-meme algorithms, adaptive operator
selection, hyper-heuristics, dynamic algorithm portfolios, reactive search,
particle swarm and others. Topics of interest include (but are not limited


* (meta)heuristics for combinatorial optimisation problems

* (meta)heuristics for multi-objective, discrete and continuous optimisation

* (meta)heuristics for dynamic environments

* (meta)heuristics to generate (create) heuristics (e.g., generation


* (meta)heuristics to choose heuristics (e.g., selection hyper-heuristics)

* self adaptive (meta)heuristics

* (meta)heuristics based on machine learning

* hybrids of (meta)heuristics with exact methods such as mathematical or
constraint programming

* (automated) parameter tuning in (meta)heuristics

* software tools (e.g., ECJ, HeuristicLab, Hyflex)

* distributed/parallel frameworks

* applications of (meta)heuristics to new challenging domains

* analytical or semi-empirical studies of (meta)heuristics (e.g., landscape

* performance prediction

* performance robustness

* scalability issues

* barriers to uptake of (meta)heuristics in industry


The winners of the 2nd Cross-domain Heuristic Search Challenge (CHeSC 2014)
will be announced in this stream: www.hyflex.org/chesc2014/


The stream will provide an opportunity for constructive exchange of ideas on
(meta)heuristics and their applications to real world problems. If you would
like to give a talk in this stream, please submit a title and abstract of no
more than 300 words via




by selecting "Heuristics & Metaheuristics" from the topics.


The APMOD 2014 conference also awards a prize for the best student paper
needing a full paper submission to any of the streams. Please read the
following page for more details including the eligibility criteria:




Papers presented at the conference will be considered for publication in the


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Stream Organisers

Ender Ozcan and Andrew J. Parkes

{Ender.Ozcan, Andrew.Parkes} (a_t) Nottingham . Ac . UK





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