[SCIP] Differences between "active" and "enabled" of constraints

johnvon2012 johnvon2012 at gmail.com
Sun Dec 13 01:22:37 CET 2015

   I encoutered functions  SCIPconsIsActive( cons) and SCIPconsIsEnabled(cons), but I do not under   the differences between "active" and "enabled" of constraints? I have checked these two functions but am  still a little confused with this.
  I also noticed that both functions are called in the pricer of the binpacking example, SCIPconsIsEnabled is in the SCIP_DEL_PRICERREDCOST callback  and SCIPconsIsActive is in the addBranchingDecisionConss  local method, respectively.
  Could you please help me with this, especially in the binpacking example?

   Thanks a lot!



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